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Organic Vermont Maple Syrup - Artisan Glass Jug

Organic Vermont Maple Syrup - Artisan Glass Jug

PriceFrom $16.00

From small giftable bottles to larger family sized bottles, these artisan glass jugs showcase the beautiful rich color of each grade of maple syrup. 


Our organic maple syrup is handcrafted in the hills of Woodstock, Vermont, where rich forest soils and spring mountain snowmelt contribute to its unique flavor profile with notes of vanilla and golden sugar. Made with care for Vermont's natural ecosystems and with the highest possible standards for our maple syrup, every drop is certified organic, ensuring exceptional quality and respect for the land. Each bottle is produced and filled by hand by our experienced sugarmakers with the very best of our small batch maple syrup.


Grade A Golden Delicate

Grade A Amber Rich

Grade A Dark Robust

Grade A Very Dark Strong


Syrup stores best in the freezer or refrigerator after opening.