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5 Gallon Bucket of Organic Grade A Vermont Maple Syrup

5 Gallon Bucket of Organic Grade A Vermont Maple Syrup


5 gallon bucket of our certified organic Grade A Vermont maple syrup. Perfect for restaurants, bakeries, and food producers in need of larger quanaitites.


Our maple syrup is handcrafted every spring from our 10,000 tap maple grove in Woodstock, Vermont. We're committed to preserving Vermont tradition and protecting the wild ecosystems that thrive in our Northern hardwood forests. Our organic certification from Vermont Organic Farmers is in compliance with USDA organic regulations and employs the highest standards for both forest health and food safety within the sugarhouse. We've partnered with Audubon Vermont as part of their Bird-Friendly Maple Project, which promotes better forest management practices to allow migratory bird populations to thrive. 


The food grade bucket meets FDA standards for food safety and is made of durable HDPE plastic with reinforced ribs, a sturdy wire bail, and plastic handle. 


Available in Golden Delicate, Amber Rich, Dark Robust, and Very Dark Strong


We recommend Dark or Very Dark for use in cooking or baking because it has a stronger flavor. If you're simply looking to use maple syrup as a natural sweetener without the need for stronger flavor, Golden Delicate and Amber Rich will do the trick. All grades have the same sweetness and viscosity - the only difference is the color and flavor.


We hot pack our syrup in accorance with Vermont law and overfill our containers so that there is very little risk of spoilage from mold growth on the top. We fill the buckets to the brim, and the maple syrup shrinks as it cools, forming a tight vacuum seal. The product actually contains ~5.25 gallons of maple syrup.




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